My first app language translator

What is the name of your app?

My first app “” language translator-free for all

Describe your app:

  • you can write text at any language then select to translate to your choosen language
  • support voice translation
  • share / copy/ delete translation text
  • flags to learn about where language spoken


App Store/Download link:

AIA file (Optional)


Post some screenshots here please.

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Kindly kodular community support me by downloading my app
And give me good reviews

Does this app use yandex component or other way to translate?
I will try it and let my opinion about soon

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Yes it use Yandex to translate
Thank you for your kind response
When you try it give me your feedback

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Your first post on here and you’re asking for aia of a monetised app?

Not good.

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Some improvement suggestions:
Let the user chosse the language from which the text will be translated if he clicks at the all languages button, then the change button will start translating from the from language to the to language.
Add the name of your app at a tittle bar.
Add a button to copy the text translated
Add a button to share the translated text.
Add a menu with basic options like review app, more of your apps etc and a settings menu

Possible things to add at settings:
Save default from and to language.
Save the last xx translated texts.

The only bug I found is that the clear text button only appears once. After clicked if I type more text the button keep invisible.
And I suggest you to use the text “clear text” instead of the delete button. At least I couldn’t understand what that button could do just by look

Taking off those small things I said above, the app is working smooth and without any problems at my phone.

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Keep in mind the Free API Key has the following limitations:
"The daily request limit is 1,000,000 characters. The monthly limit is 10,000,000 characters. To increase the request limit, switch to the fee-based version of the service.

If you switch to using the fee-based version of the service, the calculation starts from zero and depends on the number of characters in requests per calendar month.

Example: During a calendar month, requests were made with a total of 8,000,000 characters. According to the rates, 1 million characters costs 15 U.S. dollars. At the end of the month, you receive an invoice for $120 (15 × 8)."

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Have you builded all the blocks?

This is free source translate app, project source aia is available on YouTube.

I also have this project but not published on play store.

I dont think you have made it, only done some changes in existing project.

Its better to create your own idea and turn it into app. :joy::grinning:

Wow, I thought it was a little expensive so I checked for Google Translation prices and it is 20 dollars for a million translations
If we consider each word has about 5 letters it could allow 200000 translations a month if user translate only one word. But if we imagine that the users translate phrases with the size of a tweet - 280 characteres - it would mean only about 3500 translations each month, or 115 per day. So much expensive, especially considering it comes from Google.

Edit: And if the language detection is enabled, the price duplicate.


Thanks for your feedback
I already added buttons to copy/ share / delete translation text
About knowing what button do when clicked it give you notfiy what action has done
I will work on some of your improvements
Thank you for your kind

how much aia files?

share aia files please

I don’t have it, search on YouTube.

Good job. Can you share some screenshots to present good.