K Translator | Translate Your Text And Speech

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K Translator

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The App Can Help You To Translate Text To Audio And You Can Also Download That And Also Help You To Convert Your Speech To Text. The App Is Build With Material Design…


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Nice App Design :slightly_smiling_face:

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Your app’s name is not appropriate as your app doesn’t “translate” it “convert”

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I Will Be Adding The Option To Translate In Next Update So I Name It Like That…

Thank You For The Complement

its a basic trasnlator app, $5 is way too much for this type of app, i think you should update the UI, make it more attractive so it will be worth $5,

NOTE - just an opinion


Yes You Are Right, I Will Add More Options And Then I Will Post. Thank Your For Your Advice


can we used speech recognition and text to speech components witout Google API key…?
Please comment.
2nd plz guide me how to save audio file on device …
is writing permission requied for this action?
Thanks in advance

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For Saving The Audio File I Have Used Deephost Extension

Thanks 4r reply…
Plz share extension or saving blocks img
2nd is write permission block required for this activity

does your app turn text into speech?

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From the screenshots it looks like it should be able to.

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Yes It Converts…