Kodular Extensions IDE

:makeroid: Makeroid Extensions IDE :desktop_computer:

Makeroid Andromeda has been officially launched and we proudly announce the Makeroid Extensions IDE! :desktop_computer:



What is Makeroid Extensions IDE?

Makeroid Extensions IDE (or Makeroid IDE) is a Makeroid Service which provides a Web UI to code AppInventor :appinventor: Extensions for free. You will have to code in Java following the documentation anything you want, and then you can just hit “Compile” and your extension will be ready in a few minutes!

What features does it have?

  • Unlimited Projects
    You can create as many extensions you want!

  • Extensions Compilations
    You can compile the JAVA Extension to an importable .AIX with Makeroid IDE
    There’s a waiting queue as the Compiler can only handle one simultaneous build

  • Premium Plan
    We have plans to introduce in this service a Premium Plan :sweat_smile:
    This plan would include:

    • Ability to upload custom .JAR libraries
    • Ability to change Extension Package
    • Ability to change any import
    • Dedicated Compiler, so you will be able to skip the compiling queue


Lots of users requested to integrate a Java editor into Makeroid, to manually edit the code
Well, that is NOT possible as AppInventor was designed in a way blocks are translated to YAIL files, and those YAIL files into .APKs directly without any Java usage

So, as in AppInventor you can create Extensions, we decided to “integrate” a Java editor into the Builder in some way. So that’s how the IDE was bornt: trying to integrate Java into Makeroid

Premium Plan

We are actively working on this, and we will bring it as soon as possible to Makeroid Extensions IDE :wink:
Of course, there will be trials and offers for Extensions Developers :smile:

This service is more orientated to “advanced users” who wants more power in Makeroid :sweat_smile:
For example, Android Studio developers will find Makeroid very simple, but providing the Extensions IDE we ensure they will have a place to use their advanced skills and enjoy Makeroid as everyone :smiley:

Hope you like this!
:makeroid: Team


superb idea .
its may alot help new extension developers


Brilliant work lads, brilliant indeed. If you could add the hability to import AAR libraries it would be fantastic and I would actually consider buying in the premium tier. Right now the process to use AAR libraries in extension development is too tedious :stuck_out_tongue:
But then again, props for this web ide. I aways tought that the reason that there were so few extension developers was the confusing and often wrong documentation on how to setup the environment .


@Diego It seems your WebIDE does not recognize the ‘+’ character !

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Yeah, I’m already aware of that :sweat_smile:
Tomorrow I’ll see if I can find a workaround

Can you add multiple packages in the Kodular Extension IDE??