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:tada: Makeroid Andromeda is here! :star2::star2::star2:

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We rarely ask our users to read something, but we think this will be really interesting for you. Read carefully all our release topics, you will fall in love with The New Makeroid :makeroid::heart:


After some months of eagerly waiting, Makeroid is back! :yum:

This “update”, known as Makeroid Andromeda or Makeroid Reborn, is the biggest one EVER. Not only due to the amount of changes made to our builder, also for the new products we are releasing (continue reading :wink:)

We are now a company registered in the Netherlands (KvK Number: 71434976) :netherlands:, and we have more stable and efficient servers (thanks to our partner ArubaCloud :arubacloud: ). This means that errors such us “Over Quota” or Compiler outgages won’t happen again! :smile:
What we want to show with this is our stability. From now on, Makeroid will be running 24/7, with a minimum uptime of 99.9% (we depend on our servers providers) and a guaranteed support with our amazing community of users. As you might now, we are students; but we see Makeroid as our “son”: we will work (and we are working :wink:) on this during our free time as much as we can! :muscle:
We want to prove that now Makeroid is a serious business, and it can be at the same level as our competitors and other big companies :blush:

Makeroid Builder :makeroid: |

We have been working very hard these months, bringing lots of desired functions, components and properties to our main product, Makeroid Builder. We are also the first :appinventor: distribution that allows to compile apps bigger than 10MB! We have tested it and we were able to build an app up to 20MB, but we’ll work to remove that increased limit :roll_eyes:
Also, we’ve “created” a new extension: .AIS (App Inventor Screen). You are now able to Copy Screens, Download Screens and Upload Screens. So, you can now share screens instead of the whole app. Is not that amazing?
From now on, each Makeroid release/updatewill be named under a constellation name. As Android does with “sweet names”, we will do the same but with constellations. So, that’s why this is called “Makeroid Andromeda:wink:

Check the full Release Notes of Makeroid Builder here:

Makeroid Store :store: |

Yep, you are right! Makeroid now provides a self-developed store for apps, extensions and screens!
Some users (for example, because they are students) can’t pay a :google_play: Developer Account. The idea of our store is to proide a way to share apps for free (yes, free as the Builder :money_with_wings:, we don’t like money :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
You can just upload there your amazing creations and distribute them along friends, family or anyone you want!

Read more here:

Makeroid Extensions IDE :computer: |

This new product has been designed for advanced users. Makeroid was designed for people who wants to make Android apps without coding, but we forgot about a very important sector: the programmers
Experienced coders might find Makeroid too simple, and coding with blocks might be very easy for them. So, why not “integrate” the classic coding into Makeroid?

As AppInventor isn’t translated into Java, we couldn’t add a Java editor inside the Builder, but we found a little workaround. AppInventor can import extensions (.AIX: App Inventor eXtension), and extensions are made in Java
So, advanced users might want to code and develope his own extensions and increase the possibilites of Makeroid! Just signup into the IDE and start coding following the documentation :slight_smile:

More information can be found here:

Makeroid Account :globe_with_meridians: |

This service can be labeled with “:warning: Work in Progress :warning:”. The Makeroid Account pretends to centralize all Makeroid Accounts into one database. It’s still in progress because it’s “only” integrated in the IDE and in the Store, but in a short-middle term it will be integrated in the Community and also in the Builder :sweat_smile:
This will help us to comply with the GDPR and manage user data in a simpler way

It’s not only a way of signing in. It’s a control panel for all Makeroid Services (like Google MyAccount). You will be able to see Makeroid General Stats, control your Builder data, see your requirements for @ProKoders on the community, etc. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

You can read the available features and our plans for this amazing service on this topic:

What do you think now about Makeroid? Do you like it?

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We have been working very hard to bring this update live, putting all our efforts on it :sweat_smile:
But not everything is good. One thing we have to say is that we couldn’t implement some stuff that we wanted due to lack of time, but be sure it will come on next update :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Please, share your thoughts about The New Makeroid on this topic or in the #feedback:praise category :left_speech_bubble:

[center]Happy :makeroid:'ing,[/center]
[center]With :heart:, from @Makeroid Staff[/center]



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My congratulations to the team of Makeroid, spectacular design and very comfortable when looking for components … I have not yet tested thoroughly but what you see is not going to disappoint. It shows a great affection behind every small detail … GREAT JOB


Muchas gracias jejeje :+1:
Hemos trabajdo muy duro para lograrlo (y el diseño es gracias a @Vishwas, que es un diseñador impresionante) :muscle:


Amazing update!
Awesome UI and new features are just WOW!!
The Sensors, Monetization choices,Layouts,etc everything is just amazing :heart_eyes: .
Congratulations Makeroid team!!:tada:


many interesting news


I just tried sleeping at 5:30 AM and I cant


Also, you may want to tell people that you added Screen copying, exporting and importing features based on Punya Framework, as they originally made them. I wanted to include that, as you have told people about taking sources from AppyBuilder. So Punya Framework is distribution as well.


I think @Diego have forgot it :smiley:
thanks for the notice @Ben


Congratulations team! The new version is an important development effort that surely encourages many users to create apps using Makeroid.


I love the new screen copying and sharing feature.


Hey guys,
Congratulations to all the team for a wonderful job well done. I have a question: where can I download the companion APK apart from the play store as I need it to install in an emulator without the google apps?
Thanks once again for making Makeroid possible

PS:Vamos España por la copa mundial! Eso es para vos Diego!


You could download the Companion from the Makeroid Store and install the APK on the emulator.


There is a site called APKPure

They require you to keep their app installed too.

No. I downloaded the apk without any problems

Makeroid Companion.apk (9.9 MB)

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Thanks guys for all the help.


They can release the firebase store extension to work on your platform, it is very important, but it did not work after the update.