Emoji fonts in Kodular

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I need some help i’m making a chat app and i want custom emojis so i downloaded three emoji fonts to test, but when i set the label font source to an emoji font it don’t change anything, means the emojis are still the default of the system and not like the font
How can i fix that :thinking:
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Fonts i used :


You can directly use emoji no need of emoji fonts…

Can you make a sample how do that?

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For what…
Using default emoji & you still want sample

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See this

See last trick

i have already do this, but in my case labels are change easily without any problem :thinking:

No i don’t want emojis to be by default i want them like the font i set

Can you tell me how you did it and which font did you used :thinking:

I want change my default emoji kyboard to twitter emoji automatic change when we type …can you
Do that ?

I don’t want the emoji keyboard to be changed but the emojis in labels or in the ChatView i want them to be exactly like the emojis in the font i set because when i set a font that contains custom emojis and use it emojis don’t change they still like the system default ones

Its easy u can use component grid layout to choiche insert the colom in emoji

You don’t understand me, i want the emojis in labels to be like emojis in the font i used

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You cant do that like your emoji default on your smartphone without font emoji

But i want custom emojis not the default that’s why i use font :slightly_smiling_face:

Like that do you want

You did that with Kodular ?
And are those default emojis or custom with font ?

Yess kodular. Custom emoji

You uploaded the font and then you set it in font typeface import, right?

Yes import from apkpacker

:face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:??