Empty field - Airtable

I created a registration system for two characters where one must access Screen A and the other Screen B. The access code was like this.

Two-component spreadsheets for columns: customer and professional

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Two global variables:


Two Got Column 1 for the customer and one for the professional. The problem is here. The values ​​for both the professional are empty.
Got Column - cliente

Got Column - profissional

To enter I created this routine but as you can see there is nothing in the globals.

Where do you call spreadsheet columns ? Also check both tables for empty cells or empty rows

Pls check the button click procedure. You have set two diff procedure for the same condition it means app will go with last met condition…

Hmmm, well why don’t you design app to get cell value in the same place like this ??

But after getting cell value, your algorithm seems to be confusing like. Better make clear rule to your app

As per your rule, which cell gets value first , app will move to that screen

Could you help me how do I do this?

Finally, the entries work (save, edit, delete) and I can’t always make the login screen (programming) work.

Simple, use two buttons… each button for respective screens… if user hits button1 let it open first screen if not if he hit 2nd button let it open another screen that you want

Divide the existing two if then else blocks into two buttons

Do you say do this here?

Okay, but the problem is how to get the value of the column since the global is empty. There are records in the column (CPF).

So I did it that way here. I created two buttons and for each one I get the column name of each one and then I use Got Column. It goes to the informed screen but then the message “You don’t have a customer record” appears and this also happens with the other button.

Since your blocks have different language i cannot get exactly… well in such case what you wanna do mean,

Design 1
Case1: when customer button clicked set block to get corresponding professional cell value. When it get value(do not add open screen block) set blocks to get customer value with open screen customer.

Case2. when professional button clicked set block to get corresponding customer cell value. When it get value(do not add open screen block) set blocks to get professional value with open screen professional.

Design 2 (recom)

If not you can try along with clock block.
(Use) When any button clicked set block to get professional value, when it gets value(do not add open screen block) set block to get customer cell value and when it get cell value( do not add open screen block) make clock to timer.

When clock timers use two if conditions.
If1 customer button clicked true mean open customer screen, set clock timer to false.

If2 professional button clicked true mean open professional screen , set clock timer to false.

Do not forget to untick timer always from designer page and only these two button should be used in this screen, if not you will get trouble or have to design rule

Can you catch my point?

We need to see your airtable to clarify this issue. Because we can suggest blocks or rule as per the topic but actually users will have someother mind…

I was confused by the explanation. Later I’ll pass if necessary how I saved the data in Airtable, Airtable and put in the blocks in English so you can see and then you show me in the blocks. Thank you one more time.


I translated it into English.

Airtable - Customer

Airtable - Professional

The logic for saving data in the table for both the professional and the client was this.

What you put would be able to demonstrate in the blocks? Another thing, how do I handle the treatment when the user enters a CPF that is not included for both the professional and the client?

I thank you for your help.

Can you answer these questions?

  1. Is your above blocks saves data in airtable?

  2. Will you use any name common for customer and professional?

Also whatever you do with your code, leaving empty colums, rows or cells in airtable results to no data received in app


See, how i have tried with the single click… But i am not sure whether you are looking the same or not…


You can add the required open concern screen block in the place of notifier alert…

By using the index number you can take whichever the value…

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Thank you very much, now I will only make a few changes based on this logic.

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By the way, pls make a change in this block, because i feel you will get empty field only will be saved in the airtable as per your block

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I had done it for the professional and had forgotten about this one, but it was worth it.

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Just one more question. I replaced your notifier to open a new screen, however, when entering it I want the person’s name to appear. How do I do this?

You will find the block
Open another screen + start value

In the new screen you need to use get start value in amy label

In this code there is how to do it?