End to End encryption for Chat Apps


I’ve been reading the blogs on how to make Chatting Apps on this community, but none of them seem to specify whether the chat data is end to end encrypted. Firebase DB rules are usually set to public and I wanted to know if there was some way to encrypt the chat data while making a chatting app.

Would love to hear some thoughts!

P.S: Is Firebase good enough to develop chat apps, or are there any other alternatives with better efficiency and encryption?

Unlike WhatsApp, you have to store the data in a local database like your phone’s internal storage. And in order to retrieve the data from the file, you have to assign a unique ID to each user while creating the account.
You have to encrypt the data in the app itself before storing the data in the file, and decrypt the data there itself while retrieving.

Don’t ever store messages on an online database.

I think this can help.

It means I have to use Tinydb for local storage.