Enforcing Admob Policies

With code knowledge.


I have published my app on Google Play and it does not show a single ad, my app works with the Admob blocks, so when I do not load Admob it freezes the functions of my app.

I’m waiting for 3 days and still does not show advertising, I do not know if it’s Admob or Kodular stuff, I’ve read all about admob, (Absolutely everything) and tried to comply with everything Admob recommends.

Unfortunately I have a lot of traffic sent from a my games website and when I published it I realized the big mistake, for which I had to remove the advertising from my website for my application due to the Admob problem.

I sent you a message, I will be waiting for your response.


Same with me. All my apps work fine but when i updated my one app on 4th February, it doesn’t show any ads. My old virson work fine.


I’m using only 1 ad but still not working in update kodular version … further in previous kodular version doing work properly…

would you like to tell us for the method of showing advertising or have refused admob method from this plateform

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My test ads failed to load bro

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Try that and tell if you see a test ad…

I tried and no ad.

Please show me blocks to load interstitial … what to do and how to do

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No ads show I tried

Now What want to do?

Admob ads are loading very slowly like after 15-30 sec screen initialized.

Is this the errors?


W/Ads: Failed to load ad: 3

As per the Documentation you are getting the following error code:

public static final int ERROR_CODE_NO_FILL

The ad request was successful, but no ad was returned due to lack of ad inventory.

Constant Value: 3

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Hi, since this morning my app is no longer showing ads admob … it’s an online radio application
Can you please whitelist it please

Hi, depuis ce matin mon application ne diffuse plus d’annonces admob… c’est une application de radios en ligne
Pouvez-vous svp la mettre en liste blanche svp

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If our problem not solved of runtime error & admob not showing we will move to other app builders


Just do it…:+1:



Thank you @mika so my app is not block it’s just that there is a “lack of ad inventory.” to show the user?

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Do not reply here saying your ads are not showing

Check the following topic for further help:


Sir @Diego How about for admob banner…or if i don’t get the error " Admob detected not allowed content in your app. ” My admob banner is also allowed ?

YES, For Banner Ads there is No error event but see this :