dear admin . can you please create english tutorials. not the hallo world stuff, advance quality tutorial videos like thunkable do

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You can watch Pixi bomb video. All tutorials are in English.

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Check #guides and #guides:resources category for English tutorials.


Admin should have to make tutorials like #pixiibomb. For make professional and advance application.

You should not tag all team members in your post.

Follow this topic:

And if you want tutorial about something, just request in that topic.

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I think that is not work/responsibility of Admins or any Kodular Staff.
They need to write guides/tutorials for native components and they are doing it.

It is your problem so solve it yourself.
Practice makes a man perfect

@FahadAhmad, @vknow360
Should be done on behalf of the kodular. Appybuilder did that by pixiibome, and thunkable do now but kodular not make this now. your Kodular app topicks have many (paid) aia. and free aia, not bug-free.

isn’t possible to make the tutorial behalf of the kodulare. like

ThunkableX is different platforms and Pixii is not available now on Youtube.

To create a video tutorial that comes close to the quality of Pixiibomb, you need at least 3-4 days. Who should have the time? Be glad that there are any of @pixiibomb at all. She set the bar very high for others … maybe too high.


Aww thank you for appreciating the time it takes to make these tutorials! <3


Waiting for your more amazing tutorials. :relaxed:

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You are a great tutor :heart_eyes::rose:
Will you come back to us with new Tutorial? Although not the same as before, with a simple tutorial.