Please help me out i am trying to make a payment gateway using razorpay but could not redirect to the upi apps through my app.

The Kodular webviewer is not a full browser so it doesn’t recognize the upi:// scheme like it said in the error message. The WebView will usually recognize only http and https.

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so how to fix this issue. I dont want to use other browser

Try this

thank u soo much for your help. it worked, there an error in the block but i corrected it

but when i return back from upi apps to my app same error is to remove that

i used intent.action.VIEW in activity starter designer settings,

what is the error u r getting now?

Test the url for upi:// before loading the page in the webviewer

in backgrond it still showing same error. instead while the payment is done it should redirect to another webpage.

then remove webview go back block
and try this

did not understood what to do?

U r working on ur website or others website? Do u have redirect url?

yes i have

Dont know exact ,May b u can try like this…

check the above info

And try like this

please help me with this. its my last screen to be setup for my app

upi_test.aia (16.8 KB)

Please help me in this

Aia not working, think its based on other screens

testapp.aia (16.9 KB)

i think my screen1 was empty thats why… now check this one, its on another screen since i had imported it

Hey please help me with the aia file

I just want that when someone pays me using any method then his balance should be updated.

Import ur aia and check yourself , for me it shows errors like invalid firebase url, invalid screen … And me too dont have that much deep knowledge on this topic