Upi browse scheme

I am Azeem from India, a beginner in Kodular apps. I have a WordPress Woo-commerce website which include the UPI transactions, website working perfectly in desktop and mobile browser. I convert the above mentioned website as an APK through Kodular webviwer option, but unfortunately in app not performing UPI transaction section. I got error message. the following are the error message.

Web page not available
The web page at upi://[email protected]&pn=Malayaliescart&am=25.00&cu=INR&tn=OrderID 3826 could not be loaded because:


But the UPI working on mobile browser. when I click on the UPI section, the browser asks me which UPI application shall open?

Kindly advice me how to solve my issues.

Thanks and best regards
Azeem Babu


I moved your post to a new topic since it was not related. The Kodular webviewer is not a full browser so doesn’t recognize the upi:// scheme like it said in the error message.