Error 1104 - upload video on API dood stream

I’m trying to upload videos using the dood stream site API “API Documentation - DoodStream”. I’m using the WEB component, but it always returns error 1104. What’s wrong?

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Use Post File instead of Put File

Its showing error because you are using Put method to upload file which is not allowed.
You need to use Post method.

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I’ve already changed it and it still has the same error 1104.

Error 1104 occured due to invalid path name

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I think the problem now is with request readers, because it is returning code 400 “Bad Request”

Did You try Enter the API’s"address" + key in your browser?
Header multpart-form …I think it doesn’t work


Thank you all for your attention! It worked, I’ll leave the .AIA file for whoever needs it.

dood.aia (1.1 MB)

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