"Error 201: the camera did not return" After 2nd photo

Hello, my application is displaying the message “error 201: the camera did not return”.
After saving the second image it was to continue the loop.
But it displays the error message and cancels the loop.
I tried to change the permissions, I did several tests (presented in the community) but the problem continued.
I tested it on App Inventor and the loop runs normally.
The tests were done on android 9 (Samsumg A10), 8 (Samsung A9 Pro) and 6 (Samsung S5).blocks (4)

Try something like this as a workaround:


The strange thing is that before the Kodular update, the loop worked correctly.

Thank you! It worked, it helped to get around the problem.

Sorry (for my mistakes in the language), I am learning English.

Daniel Peres.

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