Error 400 - Bad Request

Check that the php code is connecting correctly to your database. Check username and password. In some databases the servername is “localhost” and in others you have to put a url.
Which server do you use?

Show your code to see if it has any error. If you put a wrong comma or write a wrong space it doesn’t work …

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If I use deep host extension, this php script works ok, so no error with connection on my php

Do you right “my secret pass” as sql key

There is a connection error…

Here’s the code that connects to your database. I get “Bad Request”. I think it means it’s not connecting to your database.

man, my secret pass is S1@@md:g

my secert pass is S1@@md:g

after I will change

I’m talking about your sqlkey. Is it: my secret pass

NO, it is:

Then why are you writing in the php:

Just a sample man above,
I am using like that:


//This code is something you set in the APP so random people cant use it.

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I Just changed SQLKEY to string without special caracter and now works


I think this is import to say on tutorial

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:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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Agree…May be @Taifun can check that…

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Thanks @Mohamed_Tamer and @pepocero for suport.

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You’re welcome :sweat_smile: :grin: happy you got your solution.

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note added in the documentation
thank you



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