Error 601 assigning link to button is not working

Activity starter is not working…
Right is showing error601

Screen shot of block is here.

Can you do do it on this block, so we can see what you have there.


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There is a link from firebase

Be more specific. Show us your blocks. Tell us what you’re trying to do.

I just want to assign second value of a single tag which is a link …
I am using firebase as a database
It is a full screenshot of block…

Thankfull with your support

There is no difference to your first post or the last one, we can not help you from those images, we need more…


I didn’t understand what you want to say

Please give us more info about your blocks.

I want when I click on button 1 there should be open a link which is stored in my firebase database
In my firebase has only one tag in each bucket…
And every tag contain two values

In my block I did following things…

  1. first I declare a variable
  2. Then get all the tags(bcz of project bucket is
    empty the firebase buckets will consider as
  3. I wanted to that tags(buckets) are show in list
    so I use list viewer component.
  4. If any element will be chosen then it will
    become project bucket(in example it is xyz)
    of firebase2.
  5. Then it will get the tag(in example its name is
    tag) of that bucket.
  6. Then fdb2.tag list will take there values
    because there is two values first one will be
    assigne to label and second one will assign
    to button
  7. Label is working but button is not working

Here screenshot of screen …

Hope it will help you to help me… :blush: