Error 908 The permission has been denied. Please enable it in the settings app

Hello koders, I have read other posts such as this Error and this too but I didn’t find any related solution for this.

I have made the app which streams the video and they are downloadable but when downloaded they are stored in the STORAGE on the path of Download/.Voice this .Voice is the file which the App Synchronizes and it should not be seen by the user instead the user should use the app to read that file.

I have set the blocks to Rwite permission and read but it is not acceptable unless you allow it from the app settings else the user will keep getting this error even he opens the app Error 908 The permission has been denied please enable it in-app setting

my block

Please help me know how to solve this

Probably, this the problem?

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follow @Mohamed_Tamer’s suggestion…
also you only have to ask for android.permission_WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE


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