Error build apk: DX execution failed

Thanks! I will create an extension today. Check if it works and then send it to you.

TaifunZip and Storage 'FILE" incompatible.

But zip, integrated in File.

Thanks, good Work Makeroid :+1:

I’m getting an error which says its due to DX issue can someone help?

Same probable issue in my build app…pls help us…what’s build my app…remove the error

Just read the topic and advise given there.

dx execution failed …pls some help

if you don’t want to follow the advise given to you nobody will want to help you.

It’s not easy helping you with this little information, as there is 100 things that could be wrong, so read through below post

but if I would guess, you have to much of something :upside_down_face:

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