Error Build, need i little help :)

Nopp :man_shrugging:

Two common mistakes by user that produces this error

  • Wrongly formulating the package name
  • Installing project as an extension

Have you checked this

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I have the same error and I am new in this of the apps, how is the google-services.json created or modified?

@Ismael_Torrealba welcome to the forum. See more here on how to Register your app with Firebase

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Thank for your answer.
I’ve tried but I think te project is ok

the package name is the same that I used in previous exports

I checked all my assest. There was a file with two different extension, in capital and not.

Incorrect. Coro has had this issue recently and there are no errors or warnings, it just shows a dot for the error output. I have to usually generate the APK about 5 times to get it working some nights.

Server issue

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