Error Download .APK

Describe your issue:

When i try to download de .apk, appear this message “Server error: compilation failed, please try again later”

Steps to reproduce the issue

Download Android app (.apk)

something went wrong in ur app…check packj name,icon pic etc

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Thank you for your answer, i’m gonna check that.

Really are you sure Could be other problem in blocks may be @Rafael2 has left a block which is of no use

@Rafael2 are you getting any button which have text as view logs if yes then share the screen shot of that page

Hi Aditya, the app is basic, it have 6 screen the first has the buttons to go another screens, a the other screens have text and some imagens. The app was working, but when add more screen i think was the proble.
I dont know if Kodular have a threshold for screens or pictures.

This is server problem. Try one more time( this is quite common). See the error, Please try again later. so you didnt have problem in blocks.

Hi, only remove some pictures and now is working, i think Kodular has some issues when we use a lot of pictures.
I saw this in another chat, but this problem has a lot of time, the chat than i found that was since 2019.
It’s bad news for us the new creators.


Follow tip 2


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Aditya please also help me .I am facing an issue while i try to export my apk /project .it shows "report a bug " I am sharing a screen shot with you

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