Error during compile as aab

If you wish pm me your aia to give it a look

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Okk… actually I am away from my home… after few minutes I will send you… thanks

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I see extension name Graphic design :thinking: send the link pls

Already sent

Ok wait I will dm u

deleted post

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Tested and compiles fine for me as apk and as aab

Really?? Without any changes?

I am in free version. May be this might be a reason for this error? Because I tried may times, facing same error.

What kind of extension is this


this is an image slider extension from deep host

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tried with creating new account in kodular. but same result ‘error’. Kindly guide me I can use kodular with free verion bug free or not

please help me

Are you using any assets in your project, if so what is the total size of them

Do you have less than 10 projects created?

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Around 4mb, the assets folder size

As I said project compiles with no problems


Do you face that issue with other projects or just this one ?

Thanks to @Boban problem was found, you actually have two UPI payments extensions in your project that shown as one in creator but total extensions are actual 6 and causes the error in free plan. That is the reason why when tested by me in premium plan app compiled with no issue. I will pm you the corrected aia to test it


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