I cant export app Something went wrong! (another reason)

The error says there is nothing wrong with my program. After getting the error, I did some research in the community and read that Deep Host’s extensions are causing the error. But I was delete the extension as I no longer need it. Could Deep Host’s extension be the cause of the error? Is there a solution?

My App’s AIA:
isimbulmacaoyunu.aia-1.zip (325.8 KB)

Pls post the ss of your error instead of sending aia

Sorry, here

Project within a project

Try this

isimbulmacaoyunu.aia (107.4 KB)


thanks problem solved. Greetings from turkey! :star_struck:

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We have seen recently people are asking about the same, But What will be the main cause for this @dora_paz mam?? I have no idea about that…

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Off topic
@dora_paz I want to know which software are you using to see this project within project?

You can use 7zip or winrar. Right click on sia file and choose open archives

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There are many software for opening an aia file.
But you can open it without installing any software. Just change your aia format to zip file and extract it or you can view it without extracting by double clicking on the zip file.

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Thanks @Still-learning

Thanks @Sumit1334 I will definitely try this

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