"Something went wrong" Why I Get This Error? Please Help Me

When I Want To Export My App Than This Error Come Why? Can Any One Help Me.

2 nd image

u will need to show blocks coz there is error in program


Thank You I Solv This Problem

i am getting same error
here is my .aia file, please check it and tell me

Where is it

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I had attatched it. Let it be here is the link.

First of all, why not click on the View log button to see if it is the same error or NOT…


Then search the community for your issue.

yes same error every time

what about posting the result after clicking “View log” as @Boban already suggested?

@Somnath_Gupta there is no issue while exporting into apk for me

Incase if you found problem delete the existing project and upload the aia what you have attached and enjoy.