Error generating Yail for screen 5644758569451520_Screen1: : Cannot read property 'match' of undefined. Please fix and try packaging again

I’ve imported this .aia file, but it’s still error and can’t be exported. can you help me again?

Try this, compiles with no errors

I have same problem and tried every suggestions but still not exporting.
MathQuiz (1).aia (240.9 KB)
I have downloaded this aia from community.​:+1:

Try this

MathQuiz_1.aia (240.9 KB)

Thanks, but where was problem I didn’t understand

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rtlSupport was missing from project.settings

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i tried this solution but it did not work @dora_paz

What didn’t work ? Post your aia if you wish

i import it in mit app inventor so exporting is successful

If project was created with MIT and imported to Kodular then you get that error


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