Error google play store: user pays for the application and later cannot open

Hello I created an application on Kodular and made all the settings for the Play store. the application is available in the Play store, but the user pays for the application and later cannot open the application on the smartphone. The refund button appears in the play store.

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how we know what is problem with your app, untill you give us some info like your apk to test or your blocks etc,

Please share url of your app

I created an application on Kondular and after development, I made the registration to make it available on the google play store. However, when my users purchase the application the installation process starts normally and apparently and installed on the smartphone. It turns out that no icons or shortcuts are created and when I open the application through the google play store the only option available is a refund

I removed the app from google play store due to error

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Once again, share your blocks etc or no one can help you.

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show blocks…especially, “screen1. initialize”

ok, my post is in approval, I put the detail images

hello my screeen app

Hello… where am I going wrong in this app?

see challenge 46


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after the last tip from our friend above. In the google play store, there is no option to refund the APP, just install and give up, it also does not create the icons on the smartphone.

for you who make an app on kondular, which you need to work in the google play store. My app is a calculator, you don’t even need permission to work

Check the notifications of your Google Play Console if you have any warning about the error when distributing your app.