Error in Lookup in pairs

Hello, I’m having trouble returning data from Airtable. I have already looked for this problem in all block communities.
Problem: I requested all Rows from airtable and treated the raw data;
raw data: [{"id":"30","fields":{"Foto":"test.png","ID":"1","Preço":23,"Estrelas":5,"Nome":"Delicious_Pizza_Bacon","Tempo":"16"},"createdTime":"2020-04-23T14:15:16.000Z"}]
processed data: ((id 30) (Foto test.png) (ID 1) (Preço 23) (Estrelas 5) (Nome Delicious_Pizza_Bacon) (Tempo 16) (createdTime 2020-04-23T14 15 16.000Z))
I organized the data in pairs. Ex: (image img.jpg), but I can’t search for pairs using the component: blocks
Does anyone know where I’m going wrong?



most probably because this is not a list of lists, it is only a string, which looks like a list of lists

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This is really it, how can I turn this string into a list? I thought that just respecting the parenthesis symbol ((item 1) (item2 2)) would make it a list of lists

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you might want to try something like this


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Today I have published in the App Inventor Community a post regarding exchange chars, you may be interested to see it.

More info:


I used an example similar to your json, to separate the different fields

You can see the code on this website (in Spanish)

I read the publication you suggested and it worked, thanks for the help

It served me a lot, thank you