Error on Listview using a custom Searchbar

Please help. After doing a filter on my listview, once I get selection it still shows the first index on my unfiltered list instead of from the filtered list view. FYR blocks #discuss


I also tried using a separate listview for filtered_list but have the same result.

why you are using timer, you can use on text change block, and dont use first if, then check its working or not

this is a known issue in App Inventor since 2014, see here

use the index in list block as workaround, see also


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Hi Sir @Taifun, Come up with this notification when clicking both links


Still having the problem.

use these blocks instead of clock do, it will work


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I recognize one of my “children” there… :grin::grin:

When I first made that custom filter, the OnTextChange event wasn’t included in App Inventor (and still isn’t). It was only available in @Taifun’s textbox extension and I gave the option in the tutorial but I wanted to make a version without need of extensions.
Now in Kodular is a different story, since it is included in the built in blocks.


aNYTHING wrong with my blocks?!:thinking:. Still not working @ImranTariq

It works, thank you so much @Italo:grin:

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