Error passing variables

I am initializing the screen and receiving a variable call id
I store it in a texbox
then send it by post
in web2 I initialize a local variable I remove the ||
and I store the getname in a global variable
remove the parentheses()
and with a button5 and split I start to separate the chain
everything works well
but I want instead of using the boto5,
that when I initialize the screen it passes me the data of the variable just as the button5 does
but it gives me a Runtime error
what should I do

during init how the textbox will have data or you set data in that textbox?

yes, when the screen starts, the variable receives the data from the php query and stores it in the texboxes.

in screen init if you use post block then no need of web get block… also both url are different… make sure the text box should not be empty

thanks, remove get block and it worked

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