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I purchased the TaifunMail component and tried to send email through a google account to another google email. There was an error as print. One of these errors would be AuthenticationFailedException but according to Google as of May 20, 2022 Google will no longer authorize the use of third-party apps or devices that only require a username and password to log into the Google Account.
In that case how do I do it?
Config - TaifunMail

Read the Q&A section here App Inventor Extensions: Mail | Pura Vida Apps about what needs to be done

When I get into this question and answer: Q: Why do I get AuthenticationFailedException when accessing Gmail? [new!]
A: Most likely you failed to enable less secure apps
I get this message from my google account:
“Some apps and devices use less secure login technologies, which leaves your account vulnerable. You can disable access for these apps, which we recommend, or enable it if you choose to use them despite the risks. Google will disable this setting. automatically if it is not being used.”
I entered the Security tab and there is no longer the item Access less secure app.

Yahoo, Outlook how is setup?

here is the complete answer to question 1 from App Inventor Extensions: Mail | Pura Vida Apps
you might want to follow the tip in bold

Q1 : When I tried the .apk it gives as response javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException 534-5.7.14 ?
A : To use this extension together with Gmail accounts, you have to enable less secure apps in the Google settings, see also Why do I get AuthenticationFailedException when accessing Gmail?.
Starting from 2022-05-30 Google does not allow less secure apps anymore. You have to sign in with App passwords now. Just use your gmail address together with the generated app password to use the mail extension with Gmail accounts. See also Q10 below.


I did the two-step verification and the app that would use the email. A 16-digit password was generated. Worked, thank you!

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