Error to compile an aab and apk with Taifun InApp Billing extension

Hello, great one @Taifun I am facing difficulty in compiling an aab or apk.

This is the error that I get

From my end, I realized that the new updated inApp Billing Extension is causing conflict kindly help me with others who probably will face the same problem.

Taking a look at my blocks I have followed with care the example blocks you provided in the aia

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Hello, @Taifun your advance help will kindly be appreciated by all of us.

yes, I can confirm the issue…
the new version 3a of the extension adds the following missing application metadata element into the manifest

<meta-data android:name="" android:value="3.0.3"/>

it looks like Kodular still does not understand that annotation… this is similar to this Kodular bug

@pavi2410 might want to check and confirm

as workaround meanwhile you can use the previous version 3 of the extension and add the missing application metadata element manually into the manifest

PS: I removed your example aia file… please never publish an aia file including a paid extension publicly… see also my terms and conditions…


It has nothing to do with Taifun’s extension;
1- It is necessary to experiment until the apk is created.
2- The page needs to stay open while the apk is being created.

Sorry @Taifun I didn’t share the aia I just typed the url https://subscribe.aia so it was not a real link take a look at it again or you can try to track Kodular activity log
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For sure I don’t know how to add the manifest Library
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I have tried to follow the steps but I don’t know where to get those libraries please Taifun if you don’t mind and if you have time please help me to add it can I send you the apk?

I do not know what you are talking about… there are no libraries to use for customizing the manifest and adding a new line (see red arrow)

just use version 3 of the extension meanwhile and ignore the warning while uploading to Google Play… that version will work absolutely fine…
only after Nov 1st you will need version 3a to be able to upload a new version…


That is coming in the next release.

when @pavi2410 will the release come?

Yes @Taifun I have tried everything and a lot a lot than I can but I keep getting another error see here

I don’t real know how to solve this :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

I think the problem might be from here
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I think I am correct but see down here
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and this keeps loading forever

I don’t real understand how to solve it

I want to take this opportunity to appreciate and my first thanks will be to @Taifun and the second precious person whom I have followed his guides until I have managed to solve all the problems is @bodymindpower
I used this method
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Then when I got some error with signing key I used this method to fix all things up

With all the help of @Taifun and @bodymindpower everything was solved
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Thank you, everyone


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