Error when appending value to specific Tag in Firebase

(This is my First Post)
I am facing an issue while using firebase, it gives an error stating “Previous value was empty” when appending a value to specific tag.
I tried creating a new project still same the Problem exists.

There is also a topic similar to this error, but I did not get a solution.

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  2. Problem with Solution in App Inventor community which does not work in Kodular Creator

I don’t know if I am making error in blocks or there is a issue because this app works perfectly when I exported this Aia File to App Inventor.

If there is no solution for Appending Values for Tag is there any other alternatives in Kodular other than Cloud DB(as it is experimental) or any extensions

The Blocks Image Below

The Error Image while appending the Value to Firebase below

The Aia File Below
Firebase_Append_Error.aia (2.6 KB)

Please let me know a Valuable Feedback,

Hi @Chirubot,welcoem to the community !
for using append value in your app, your tag should contain a value, it can’t be empty , or doesn’t exist, or one of those reasons:
Also see here:

Thanks @Mohamed_Tamer for your suggestion,
I understand that I should include a text with value in
Get value, value if tag not there
I tried like this but the same error occurred

Thanks for all of your Suggestions.
I have made a guide which solves this problem.

P:S, you might want to tell the community what have you changed, which made it work for you :grinning:, I’ve not seen any major difference between your guide blocks and this blocks:

First I created and connected the Database and Then Set the Blocks as below

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