Error when exporting apk

Build failed error: your build failed due to error in appbuilder stage, not because error in your program.

Please help me why this happened :slightly_smiling_face:

How big is the project ? How many assets ? Please provide more info or upload project to unchive and post a screenshot of summary

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Hello, I also had this error in the morning in more than one project

Kodular is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was
________Preparing application icon
________Creating animation xml
________Creating fragment xml
________Creating listview xml in res/layout/…
________Creating listview xml in res/layout-v21/…
________Creating xml in res/drawable/…
________Creating splash png in res/drawable/…
________Creating colors xml
________Creating styles xml
________Creating drawables xml v21
________Checking for firebase
________Creating provider_path xml
________Creating network_security_config xml
________Generating adaptive icon file
________Generating round adaptive icon file
________Generating adaptive icon background file
________Generating manifest file
________Attaching native libraries
________Attaching Android Archive (AAR) libraries
________Attaching component assets
________Invoking AAPT
AAPT time: 1.606 seconds
________Compiling source files
(compiling io/kodular/mouhammeds9uu/DELTA_OS/NEWS.yail to io.kodular.mouhammeds9uu.DELTA_OS.NEWS)
(compiling io/kodular/mouhammeds9uu/DELTA_OS/ABOUT.yail to io.kodular.mouhammeds9uu.DELTA_OS.ABOUT)
(compiling io/kodular/mouhammeds9uu/DELTA_OS/Import955738.yail to io.kodular.mouhammeds9uu.DELTA_OS.Import955738)
(compiling io/kodular/mouhammeds9uu/DELTA_OS/Tarheeb.yail to io.kodular.mouhammeds9uu.DELTA_OS.Tarheeb)
(compiling io/kodular/mouhammeds9uu/DELTA_OS/PAGE.yail to io.kodular.mouhammeds9uu.DELTA_OS.PAGE)
(compiling io/kodular/mouhammeds9uu/DELTA_OS/Screen1.yail to io.kodular.mouhammeds9uu.DELTA_OS.Screen1)
(compiling io/kodular/mouhammeds9uu/DELTA_OS/PDF1.yail to io.kodular.mouhammeds9uu.DELTA_OS.PDF1)
(compiling io/kodular/mouhammeds9uu/DELTA_OS/MAINLOG.yail to io.kodular.mouhammeds9uu.DELTA_OS.MAINLOG)
(compiling io/kodular/mouhammeds9uu/DELTA_OS/PAGEOF.yail to io.kodular.mouhammeds9uu.DELTA_OS.PAGEOF)
(compiling io/kodular/mouhammeds9uu/DELTA_OS/TESTS2.yail to io.kodular.mouhammeds9uu.DELTA_OS.TESTS2)
(compiling io/kodular/mouhammeds9uu/DELTA_OS/PDF2.yail to io.kodular.mouhammeds9uu.DELTA_OS.PDF2)
(compiling io/kodular/mouhammeds9uu/DELTA_OS/SANAWAT.yail to io.kodular.mouhammeds9uu.DELTA_OS.SANAWAT)
(compiling io/kodular/mouhammeds9uu/DELTA_OS/Notification.yail to io.kodular.mouhammeds9uu.DELTA_OS.Notification)
(compiling io/kodular/mouhammeds9uu/DELTA_OS/HLOL.yail to io.kodular.mouhammeds9uu.DELTA_OS.HLOL)
(compiling io/kodular/mouhammeds9uu/DELTA_OS/TAWASOL.yail to io.kodular.mouhammeds9uu.DELTA_OS.TAWASOL)
(compiling /tmp/runtime363568459752595713.scm to
Kawa compile time: 2.34 seconds
________Invoking DX
DX time: 9.786 seconds
________Invoking ApkBuilder Failed to add /tmp/1648025451547_0.041161254944162895-0/youngandroidproject/…/build/tmp/classes3.dex
YAIL compiler - ApkBuilder failed.

Extensions used ? Maybe it’s because two extensions are using the same library

Yes, in fact, use baserow 4.1 and another version
on the same screen

Delete one of them and try to re compile

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I used a newer version because I can’t use the web view url feature to view the pdf from google drive in the app (when I used airtable the data was showing without problems and the pdf too) but with baserow it doesn’t work

The application was successfully exported after deleting the latest version of the extension

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I am using many extension in my project.

How I know which extension cause this error ??

My reply was to @anon12395434 due to specific error he had Failed to add /tmp/1648025451547_0.041161254944162895-0/youngandroidproject/…/build/tmp/classes3.dex
YAIL compiler - ApkBuilder failed.
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Ooh! Sorry @dora_paz, but how I solve my problem ?

As I mentioned above

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Here is screenshot of summary

But also same with me, look :slightly_smiling_face:

Then most probably is a conflict between extensions. Can you post the extensions you use ?

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I solved my problem, I deleted some useless extension then its work,
Thanks dear Love you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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