Error when logging in by CPF

Guys, I have a question. And I created a routine to save my data using Dictionaries. I created a tag named “list_cliente” and a CPF key. Inside this key are the customer data. As my login system does not have a password, only the CPF created a variable to store the value of my bank and a routine to search the CPF key inside the tag. After that I compared the value typed by the user to check if it belongs to the tag through the key. The value entered is the same as the key value, but it does not open the screen, it just says “You have no record”.


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Have you checked from (00375512650) is a list? And this value is the index 1 of the list? Have you tested “compare text” block?

So, Rogério Rios is the first time I use dicionaries and, by the way, I don’t know how to do this. Would you be able to tell me where I can find it so I can search?

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From This Guide:
get keys
“It return a list of all keys in the dictionary. Note that it only give you the first layer of keys. That’s mean, the dictionary inside the dictionary will not be counted in the list.”

Key Block : return list (13345678900).

Select List item Index 1 block.:point_up:

I don’t know if I made a workaround but I created an input parameter (cpf) and in the tag I put the same thing when I recorded the data. In the “enter” when typing the cpf I compared what was typed and the key inside the dictionary recorded in the database. When I ran it it was true. The Companion I don’t know why it disconnected and when trying to connect again it gave an error. I searched the forum and in August of last year the same error occurred. They said the certificate has expired. But is what I did correct?

Did You try what i suggested yesterday ?

I didn’t do it and honestly I don’t know how to do it. I’ve seen in previous posts you answering to a person that it is necessary to do research and make attempts. Correct. Giving code for free will not make a programmer but rather a crtl+c and ctrl+v. In this case then I don’t know how to do it.

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