Error when Notifications Component is used

Why i get permission error i checked on android 6.0.1 samsung here is the aia file

PushNoti.aia (23.2 KB)

It’s a OneSignal SDK bug, Makeroid knows already.

did you look into my aia file ?

I dont need to.

are you confirmed that the error in my aia file is same one ?

Does your app crash when you receive a notification?

No my App crashes when i call .Are Permissions Granted block, that’s why i attached my aia file.

Ok, your title is completely misleading then.

NO, Not at all, there is a link with push notification component.
Kindly look into the aia file and check out whether you get an error or this is only me( my phone) who gets error.

Send the APK then, not the AIA.

this is the APK file

Try setting to if True. I think it may work backwards.

what do you mean ?

In your blocks, do you have it set to

(.ArePermissionsGranted = False) { .ShowDialog} else { }?

If so change the false to true, if its true change it to false

This is my block


Use the equals block and use the flase block… As my previous post followed.

then why the same blocks work just fine when Push Notification component is removed ???

Did you try using False? Or just keeping it True? That way we could know if there is a temporary solution.

didn’t work…

The only thing I could say, is wait for 1.1.1 or whatever the next version is.