Error When Open My Projects

I had not used the platform for some time. I downloaded my aia to my notebook. And today when trying to open 2 projects recently uploaded to Kodular, both have an error when opening. Is there a problem with the platform?

As per my experience, I have faced these problems many times, and didn’t find any solution, and I don’t think there is any problem with the platform, maybe searching on community or taking help from YouTube might help you.

The question here is: the aia files were on my HD (backup). I uploaded it, and it wasn’t supposed to generate this error. They were working when I backed them up by recording them in my notebook.

Can you please share your AIA file here (or send it to me in PM) so I can see what’s going wrong and fix it?

Usually, the user has done nothing wrong; the builder just has some error saving/loading the blocks.

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