An internal error occurred. Report us bug?

My project doesn’t open its show some error bug
See screenshots

Please help me :sob::sob::sob:

did you import aia file of other app builders, like - thunkable, appy builder?

Use Desktop site and just click cancel no worries this comes if there is an error in kodular creator .BY clicking ok you sends a bug report to kodular nothing else do don’t worry .

Yes… But same error show…
Please help me

Yaa it’s show error and did not open

Aia was created originally with …?

Yes …Own created thi aia

In Kodular ?

made in kodular or not?

Yes made in kodular

can you share aia ? Just Asking

Most probably your project somehow got corrupted. If you have a backup use it

yes can be but if @Ayush3 is not having any problem to share aia then we can also check ?

File is to big

Upload it to Google Drive and post link here

yes do this

Please solve error

Make it sharable, I can not access it

ok we will but can you upload aia to google drive or one drive and make that link public and share here so that we can get aia and then we can check

give us time we will check