Project not opening

I want to open my project.but it nat opening from 15 minutes. many time I show server error and mny time it not open see attachment

How big is your project ? How many screens? Refresh page and try again. If error persists download aia and post it here so someone can check it

As @dora_paz said, more screens need more optimization and hence they take more time to load. This happened with me a few days earlier. Try switching to a laptop with LAN connection (if you have one) and keep on clicking on the Wait button until your project opens

It open in chrome in 3-5 minutes but there it hangs and I use Firefox but it not open in it.

@Vishal4 It totally depends on your network speed and your system speed (RAM).

Network speed is good and also ram is 4gb

@Vishal4 Kodular Creator doesn’t work on a phone. The Screenshot sent looks like you’ve opened it on a phone

Then might be the Kodular server side is taking too much to load because it’s a huge project.

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