Facing opening problem

Kodular web site not working in my computer since last week from the day . Please check once attached pics anybody . Taking huge time to open after it open it is not working still loading loading

… open others sites working good as the same time . Why it happened .? What can i do now ??

Does this happen with all your projects or just specifically the one you are trying to open.

Check your internet speed is good and also try with a different browser.

ya same happened with me for 2 days
so i used firefox :wink:
i support 2nd pic . thats still there in chrome .
use firefox after few days then use chrome back .

Ofcourse other sites are working good …but it was happening only with this… please solve it. Anybody have face this type of problem ? Then how to solve your problem?

This is do to poorly designed app or something similar and there is nothing that can be done from server side…

Of course, I’m trying to fix a user’s project by deleting bunch of stuff alt. merging components as it took 30+ min to load his project.

You might try

Yes today i found out only happen with one … now what I do?? Please explain me … Thank you!