Error while compiling to apk

I tried ColinTree sample from the Thunkable forum.

ColinTreeSlideshowTest.aia (302,4 KB)

I opend it and compiled it with AI and Thunkable. But if i want to try and compile it with Makeroid i get a

It’s the same aia, nothing changed. By the way i like the look of Makeroid a lot better than Thunkables.

Your bug is similar to this one:

I’m out all weekend, so I can’t check the logs to debug it by now :sweat:

Ensure that TextBox numbers only is unchecked.

Never mentioned this in my thread here, that if you import textboxes with numbers only, your project wont work.


That fixes the problem. Checking numbersonly gives the error unchecking fixes the problem. Nice work @Boban.