Can't find the problem "Error generating Yail for screen... null is not an object"

After I want to export my app there was this error:

I haven’t any warnings in the blocks editor and I searched in the ‘Screen1.bky’ and ‘Screen1.scm’ files to the content of the error, but I can’t find anything…
I don’t use the ‘evaluate but ignore result’ block…


Can you show the other blocks? If not, in PM?

It looks like you have set any block to a wrong function.
Show please your blocks. All.

It was to many blocks… More than 1300 Blocks… :pensive:

But it works with App Inventor and I have not adding something new…

I have only one project on Makeroid for now… If you want you can look to find the problem

The Compiler is giving this error to me:

System error: Bad value for vertical alignment -- MockHVLayoutBase

I will try to debug and fix it, but it seems to be a problem with an extension

Okay thank you very much!

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The error is in the TextBox TB_Nummer

Have you changed any of his properties in Blocks?

I change only the ‘text-property’…


I think there is a problem with the ‘enabled’ an ‘background color’ property, because it works after I change that

EDIT: After I change that properties back it works again. So for other with the same problem: Change the properties twice and it will be work :star_struck:

Thanks again @Diego for your help!! :star_struck: :star_struck:

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I get the same problem a second time, after I reupload another Version of the same Project…
But this don’t work anymore

I tried it with the other components, but it’s not working :sweat:

Kannst du bitte hier deine gesamten Blöcke zeigen?
Welche Android Version hat dein Handy?

Ich kann die App nicht generieren… Es kommt diese Fehlermeldung. Wie gesagt, das sind sehr viele Blöcke. Vorher lag das Problem in dem Eigenschaften Bereich von der TextBox. Ansonsten versuche ich einige Elemente in AI2 zu löschen und probiere es dann erneut…

Android Version: 5.0.2 und 4.0.4

The problem was the TextBox! There is a bug with the properties… I upload the project from ai2 and delete all TextBox components… Now I can package and open the App… hope it will be fixed next update

Same properties with post 9

Hast du die Funktion ‘numbers only’ verwendet?
Die Funktion hat in den letzten Tagen anderen usern Probleme bereitet.

Ja du hast recht. Ich hab es grad probiert und es lag da dran.

Das Problem ist im nächsten Update behoben :slight_smile:

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