Error while creating extension

I am trying to create extension using pc (windows) every thing is properly set. But when I hit ant extensions it say build fail and show that error occured in the line 503 of build.xml file. There are several error is build.xml and build-common.xml file so how can I fix it and if you want more details please guide me from where to see error log so that I can post them here

Feel free to use the Kodular Extension IDE.
I feel the errors are due to an issue with how you’ve set up the AI sources


I downloaded not app Inventor from GitHub, it was approximately 309 mb in archive did I missed something???

There’s no way we can tell if the download was corrupted.
Which is why I implore you to try out the IDE.
If it works on the IDE, then you can confirm that it’s an issue with your copy of the AI sources.

Ok thanks, :wink:

I always face error every where in kodular use too I cannot build extension I used to create a simple Pythagoras extension even it mailed me build error :sob:

Simply read the error what does the error say… then try to solbe that

I know it I will post the log here

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