Error with a webview

Hello community, from Kodular I would like to ask for help on the (Views), When adding the webvier option in my application, an error appears, when I try to open the apk, on mobile.

The site does not open, and the message appears: error(NET: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED),
I am normally connected to the internet, but the site, which I put to open on the webvier, does not work.

Uploading: 5ff9g5.png… Below is the screenshot, I added the website address, in the (Views - Navegadorweb1) field

Put http:// in front of url
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This address, can you open the browser?

Eu coloquei mais não funciona, amigo!

Sim pode, é uma plataforma que fiz em php.

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Can You Open in your browser ?

Yes of course.

This ?

Chrome Android , here it does not open…


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This is the problem I’m trying to solve :eyes:

This application runs in the normal browser, however, by adding the url of this application to the component, (webview),An error appears, but as I am connected to the internet on the cell phone, it was to open the url site normally.

Try this apk and see if page loads

webtest.apk (5.1 MB)

I tested it with other known sites to verify, and the problem is really with https:

I believe that already discovering the problem, the view, is only working if you have https: now with http: it doesn’t work, you have to have ssl.

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