Webview bugs some mobiles webview not working

WebView is known to be very buggy right now, if you need to download file from drive try using the download component


facing the same issue… Some sites on webviewer not showing …its blank when i use… even before this normal… but nowdays webviewer is blaank… this is serious issue …Raise this post to technical team so they can see whats wrong with Webviewer…

If you searched the community you’ll know that the webviewer isn’t even partially working and that lot of things doesn’t work, future update will fix that

when is this going to be solved?

The temporary solution I found was to put webview inside a Cardview. Set all Padings and Elevation to 0, just leave Corner Radius at 1

This bug has now been fixed on AI2, so this will also soon be the case on Kodular.

The problem will solve very soon I’ll already tasting their beta version, It’s working properly, They launch 1.4.1 in this week.