Error with color pickers

Whenever I try to select a color in designer with any color picker I get an error message. Is it just me?

It shows a popup saying “An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?”

I’ve tried cleaning Google Chrome cache already. It started doing this couple days ago.


Any help would be appreciated.

Export aia and usin 7zip clear project colors and reupload if you want me to fix share aia on pm

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I’ll try that, appreciate it!

Thank you for the reference, I’ll try that.

I followed the steps presented in the video and I can confirm it is working now, thank you!

A tip for anyone experiencing this in the future: After editing the .properties file from inside 7Zip and saving it, 7Zip didn’t offer me to replace it with the new version. I had to “Save as” somewhere else and drag it inside 7Zip window again to update it into .AIA.


Yeah, that second dialog of 7-Zip asking if I want to update the file into the archive does not show to me for some reason. Maybe it’s a thing with my system. Anyway, I just thought on bringing it up in case of somenone missing that detail.


Then reinstall the 7zip after deep cleaning it

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