Error with MaxRecord in Airtable column

In Airtable, to get a column and put it in a ListView, I use these blocks:


I have 256 rows in that column. If I give the Max Record a value of 200 or 300, I get nothing. On the other hand, if I give it a value of 100, it puts the 100 records in the ListView.

Why is this? Is it a bug?

In all column there should be equal rows if you wants to get values from airtable

I’m testing it and it’s true… if it has an empty cell it doesn’t show it anymore…
Thank you for responding!

Another thing I don’t understand about Airtable:

If I want to get the values of three columns, how can I do it? The GotColumn event works with only one column, but if I want to get three columns (for example) I don’t know how to do it…

Use variables or another component

I try to store the data of a column in a list variable, but the blocks don’t allow me to do it…

I have looked for some tutorial but in none it says how to do it…

If you use airtable you have to call the value same was length of your column. I hope kodular staffs may find a solution.

If one of your cells in a column is empty, you dont get the list. All cells in a Column have to be filled.And you dont need to put in the same lenght like you column is. If you colum have 100 cells and you put in 80,than you get only 80 cells.

@plang58 have you tried it? it has problem for me.

i worked with that component in my app but i changed to airtable,bc it is better for should changed to airtable too, It works much better as cloutstich,

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In airtable you can use one component and load more columns with one component. I think i remember me that you can only load one column with one component with cloutstich,And a second feature is that airtable work with ifttt, xou can put data in airtable if you get a email, you post a new tweet in twitter, a person sent you a msg in twitter and so on, I think this is a really nice option bc you canput live data into airtable and load it direct into your app. You can make some nice feature with that.

i have been using it for 2 months. btw i have that problem with max record.

you can call multiple column data like this as many as you want, when you fetch the last column print the data in a list view. see the blocks image below


Thank you very much for responding

So for each column I have to use a spreadsheet component?

Many here say that with a single component you can get all the columns you want, but I do not see how to do it with a single spreadsheet …
What you show me in that image has more sense…
Thank you

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if its working for you then mark it as solution so others will get that too.

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Hi, do you have a video about how to do that? thank you

i do have a video but i don’t think its a tutorial, and also its in Hindi language. however you can get the AIA files of that project. Check this post - Tech CVR - Fusion Player - Dynamic Online Music Player

there are many other projects files too.

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