Everything works fine but not slider thumb position

I have searched in a community but I didn’t get the right answer please help me with this.

My expect with this blocks is when the player is playing then a slider thumb position should follow the seconds accordingly up to the last of the song when ended.
Please this is what I have tried.

My Blocks

Please I need your help if I am wrong with any settings of the bloks please advice me more.

First set sliders max value to player duration.
Set Clock timer for example to 100 tohave a smooth slider movement.

And by the way:

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I have tried more than two days with this but still I haven’t solved it.
Kindly would you show the blocks? :pray:

Try this and look at the AIA file.

Thank but this has nothing to do with what I need

Hey, serious. Please learn to use the searchfunction. When I just used google I found this. Audio player seek bar - #ThunkableClassicDiscuss - Community