Music Player - Slider as Progress Bar and Online Player using HTML local

Hi Koders, this is just a very simple example on how to have a progress bar in a music player and an online player for previews. It’s far from being a professional player but you can improve with your own ideas.

MusicPlayers.aia (10,7,KB)

Google Drive Link


Good one.
Just a question, whats the difference between taifuns player and ours?

@Mika, I could not load songs from storage device using ExoPlayer. Once I opened an issue in the community and I didn’t get any tips, so I used Taifun’s to finish one of my projects.

I really would like to use the native one, but I just can’t figure it out how.

I mean we have two player components :grin:
The default player and exo player.
I think you dont need a extension.

Oh, I got it! I will re-kode it using the default one and post it here.

@Mika, I have just updated the .aia file now using the default player as you suggested. Thank you very much!

I also thank @Thg who helped me solve it!


found some small problem with the Library Player Option.

when i open the library option, music player plays automatically but the play icon not changing , unless i press the play icon manually.

I believe it’s happening after back button is pressed. I’ll take a look at it asap.


Update: I’ve just updated the AIA file above. The issue was when playing the song after back button was pressed. Also, there was an issue when pause was pressed and then the song was resumed. Both should now be fixed.

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your aia isn’t available can you send it now

@golubspr … link updated and GD link added!


Check out my SliderTools Extension, it will allow you to make the slider respond much more smoothly:

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links expired again

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I’ve just updated them again! :+1:

@msr79526, a “lying face reaction” isn’t necessary. When you find broken links, just report it (as samiu did) and they will be updated asap.


where is this file?


in mobile memory, if not then it will download it to that folder in your mobile

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Helo Fabio

Hii fabio …above .aia file not working .:woozy_face:
Can give new one

Try this link:


We really need to know what the difference between them especially that exoplayer stops after 15 minutes while streaming

.aia file not working .:woozy_face: