How to use the slider to change the position of the Player?

Hi, I’m using SliderComponent as Player’s progress bar, I’m using this tip to play / pause:

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How can I use the slider for the new Player position and continue playing?

Hi Thiago, although I use Taifun’s Player in my project, I believe the idea is the same.

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Does not work on ExoPlayer !!
TaifunPlayer works fine, I’m using ExoPlayer to play get metadata, Any workaround for ExoPlayer?

I have posted this .aia as a guide and Mika suggested me to use one of kodular’s default player instead of the extension. I tried to use the same method in ExoPlayer, without success. I believe the “seek to” block is different from “start at”. I was also thinking of using two sliders as a workaround, but I’m quite sure the issue is in the “seek to” block.

It works fine, with the standard Kodular Component Player, solved my problem, thank you.

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@Thg, would you share how you’ve solved it with the standard component?

I just added path to the source of the player, (TaifunPlayer resolves the relative path “mnt/sdcard/” etc.)

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