Exit app not working

I am having an issue with my exit app block its not working can someone help me


if (webview1.canGoBack()) {

else {
	finishAffinity(); //Close Application block on AI2

i am new in kodular where i need to put this code Thanks

Hi @Amjad_Ali1 ,

Have you tried this after compiling or within kodular companion?

If you have tried it on,

Kodular companion doesn’t support closing forms. You need to build your app and give it a try!

If your dialogue box is not showing, you may try to use. ‘If web viewer 1. Current url == web viewer 1. Home url’ these green blocks.

I hope this helps, if not feel free to respond.

Kind Regards,

What is the exact problem? The exit dialog not showing? Or app does not close after choosing the appropriate option?

When I press the back button on my mobile device, the dialog box does not appear nor does the app close.

I’ve already published the app on Google Play Store and also tried the apk file on my phone

HSE Results – Apps on Google Play @ceo.zandora

You may replace the blocks as image shown below. And let me know the results.


Keep the rest of the blocks as same.

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Here you go!

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Thanks this one Working :+1:

I appreciate! :blush: Mark the appropriate topic as Solution to help others find it too!

Delete cache very goodddddddddddddddd


Extension removed, only the extension author is allowed to upload their extension


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