Exit application using custom dialog (notifier)

I have made a custom dialog for exit of my app.

problem i am facing is that when i click on the exit button in the dialog the app exits but does not exits from background.
Due to this what happens is that if i click on the app icon in the screen to again open the app, it blinks and closes the background app.
Second time if i click on the icon the app opens up normal.
i am sharing the on click function of dialog which is simple.
request for solution please.

You should not keep the close application at here…

If you set Yes or No in the notifier then you should use the close application block when user selects the option yes.

Can you share the notifier block part ?

Pls ref

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@narender_kumar do like this it will close the screen as well as the application I am always using this logic :grin::grin:

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