Exo Player Component Problem How I Can Fix This? Please Help

Hello i am trying to create a online music player app. but when I want to forward or backward my music it not working. can anyone please tell me how I can fix this??

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Aia File - TT.aia (3.3 KB)

Please Help Me :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

Try this:
First when Exo Player play stop the clock…
Second Disable block Slider1. Touch Down.

How many accounts have you created ???
Please delete you second account or main account can be suspended …
Set into clos1 timer if call ExoPlayer1.is Playing
Set Clock1. Timer Enabled to False
Delete the block Slider1. Touch Down

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@Somnath_Gupta I deleted your new account. Don’t do that again. Next time you will be suspended.

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please edit my aia file i do not understand

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Delete or Disable the block Slider1. Touch Down

i hope that you do not understand what i want to say. watch this video

Please help me. how can i do this?